The ultimate guide boat or three person technical poling skiff.

Designed for the angler who likes to throw the cast net almost as much as the fly rod, the new Mirage 18 HPX is the most versatile technical poling skiff ever developed.

Whether pushing into a stiff breeze chasing tailing permit, poling in an afternoon chop looking for migrating tarpon or chumming backcountry potholes with a livewell full of whitebait, this boat solidly delivers.

Stable yet responsive on the pole, the 18 HPX has the range and speed of larger engine packages without sacrificing draft.

No compromises.
No limits.

Maverick 18 HPX-V Running with F115
Incredible running performance with a Yamaha F115 and a 13 1/2 x 21 Pro Series prop.
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Maverick 18 HPX-V
Running Creeks – Charleston, SC
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18 HPX-V Specifications

18 ft 04 in LOA
6 ft 08 in Beam
9 in w/ F150 Draft
1,460 lbs. w/ F150 Weight (approx. with engine)
29 gal Fuel capacity
13 deg Deadrise
150 hp Maximum HP
4 persons Maximum Capacities


Pure White

Sardina Green

Haze Grey

Whisper Grey

Atlantic Blue

Bayside Blue

Deep Water Blue

Custom Colors & 2-Tone Options Also Available

18 HPX-V Standard Features

Power – Engine Controls (Required)

No Rigging

Steering & Handling – Steering

Hydraulic Steering

Steering & Handling – Steering Wheel

GEM Stainless Steel

Steering & Handling – Other Options

Trim Tabs (Recessed)

Deck Color – Deck Color Pattern

Solid Deck

Cushions – Cushion Color

Standard White

Cushions – Cushion Options

Cushion package (1 aft deck)

Fishing Features – Console Size

Tall Console (18 HPX)

Fishing Features – Other Console Options

Standard Console Grabrail

Fishing Features – Switch Panel Location

Standard Switch Panel Location

Fishing Features – Advanced Angling Details

Lockable Center Console
Flush-mount Bow Cleat (6 in)
Large Guttered, Gasketed, Lock-down Dry Storage Compartments (3)
Push Pole Holder (3 Deck-mount, Shipped Loose)
Recessed Hardware for Snag-free Fishing
Rod Tubes for Tip Protection (4 Bow Port, 5 Bow Stbd, 3 Aft Port, 3 Aft Stbd)

Livewells and Pumps – Available Options

Automatic Bilge Pump
Livewell/Releasewell, Plumbed (30-gallon, Aft Center)

Lights and Electric – Battery & Accessories

12-volt Accessory Jack
Battery Switch, 3-position

Lights and Electric – Other Options

Interior Lights, Including Compartments, LED
Livewell Light (Aft Center)
Navigation Lights, LED
Undergunnel Courtesy Lights, LED
Waterproof Switch Panel with Circuit Breakers

18 HPX-V Optional Features

Power – Motor


Power – Engine Controls (Required)

Mechanical Control with CL5 Gauge

Steering & Handling – Steering

Hydraulic Tilt Steering

Steering & Handling – Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Upgrade – Edson with Power Knob (Black)
Steering Wheel Upgrade – Edson with Power Knob (Stainless)
Carbon Fiber Wheel

Cushions – Cushion Color

Grey with Black Upgrade

Cushions – Helm Seat Backrest

Helm Seat Backrest Cushion

Cushions – Console Backrest

Console Backrest (Short )
Console Backrest (Tall)

Cushions – Cushion Options

Hardmounted Cushions

Fishing Features – Poling Platform

42″ Tower (F150)
40″ Tower (F115)

Fishing Features – Poling Platform Lean Bar

Lean Bar with Plug-Ins and Cushion
Lean Bar with Plug-Ins and No Cushion
Plug-Ins Only

Fishing Features – Bow Casting Platform

Bow Casting Platform
Bow Casting Hardware on Bow Hatch
Bow Casting Hardware Forward of Bow Hatch

Fishing Features – Bow Casting Platform Lean Bar

Lean Bar with Plug-Ins and Cushion
Lean Bar with Plug-Ins and No Cushion
Plug-Ins Only

Fishing Features – Console Size

Short Console (18 HPX)

Fishing Features – Rod Rack

Console Rod Rack Port
Console Rod Rack Starboard
Black Rod Racks Under Gunwale

Fishing Features – Other Console Options

Offset Console
FRP removable cooler
Over the Console Grabrail

Fishing Features – Switch Panel Location

Switch Panel in Console

Fishing Features – Compass

Compass – Short Console
Compass – Tall Console

Fishing Features – Push Pole Caddy

Tibor Push Pole Caddy (Port)
Tibor Push Pole Caddy (Starboard)

Fishing Features – Lifting Hardware

3-Point Lifting Hardware
Tender Lifting Gear (4 Point)

Fishing Features – Trolling Motor Wiring

24V Trolling Motor Wiring System (Bow)
24V Trolling Motor Wiring System Port Aft)

Fishing Features – Trolling Motor

Trolling Motor Thru-Deck Assembly
Power Pole, Move MV-PV-52-WT (24V)

Fishing Features – Power Pole

8′ Black Power Pole Port
8′ White Power Pole Port
8′ Black Power Pole Starboard
8′ White Power Pole Starboard

Fishing Features – Advanced Angling Details

Garmin 7″ GPSMAP 743XSV
Bass Seat Plate, Bow
Midship Cleats Forward
Midship Cleats Aft

Livewells and Pumps – Available Options

Livewell Bubbler
Recircluating System

Lights and Electric – Battery Charger

3-Bank Battery Charger

Faux Teak – Undergunnel

Brown and Black Faux Teak
Grey and Black Faux Teak

Faux Teak – Poling Platform

Brown and Black Faux Teak
Grey and Black Faux Teak

Faux Teak – Bow Platform

Brown and Black Faux Teak
Grey and Black Faux Teak

Additional Color Accents – Powder Coating Package

Matte Black

Other Options – Trailer

Maverick Trailer (TG)

Other Options – Trailer Pro Package

Trailer Pro Package (Dry Launch)

Other Options – Additional Trailer Options

Trailer Spare Tire Option
Trailer Aluminum Wheels Option (3) (Upgrade)
Trailer Black & Silver Wheels Option (3) (Upgrade)
Trailer Swing Tongue

Get the Skinny from those who know…

“My very first Maverick 18 was purchased in the early 80’s from Dr. Lenny Berg, then the owner of the struggling business.  When Scott Deal bought Maverick, nobody could have imagined what a major company and nautical force it would become.  Deal went on to acquire Hewes, then created the ultimate bay boat Pathfinder, and also obtained the nationally popular Cobia line.  The investment that started with a tiny warehouse on a dirt road by the train tracks grew into a leader in the boating industry. Over the decades, the 18 continued to evolve, always improving, from the original and vintage 18 Deluxe, with the baitwells on both points of the transom, to the more contained and incredible riding Master Angler,  to the non-lap straked and ultra-quiet on the pole Hewes 18, (later the Maverick 18)  and then to the present day 18 HPX, an enormously successful extension of the ultimate poling skiff, the Mirage 17.  I fished in and made a living on all of them. The present-day Mirage 18 HPX is by far, without question, the most versatile skiff on the water today.  Smaller and larger boats are a compromise;  (ability to own 2 or 3 boats is optimal if you can)  but with the 18, it is not necessary.  You have the advantage of being able to stalk, at the highest level for the spookiest bonefish, tarpon, and permit found anywhere in the world.  The 18 is deadly quiet and splashless at the bow in ANY quadrant or degree of chop.  This unique design was just one of the improvements necessitated by our ever-changing fishery.   You can effortlessly pole against the wind silently in situations where the existing angle of the sun or incoming fish requires it.  Some interesting questions frequently arise here about the 18.  Anglers will ask, “isn’t it too heavy, too long, draft too much water?”  Here’s the cold, hard truth, and a polite warning to boat buyers thinking that the lightest, most expensive, and the trendiest ride is going to catch you more fish.  Getting into scant inches of water where most fish are likely to be even more timid, is the unfortunate exchange to make for comfort and stability while getting there.  The extra foot on the 18 actually makes the boat EASIER to pole than other 17 and even 16 models.  This hull tracks true on the push, and if there is any crosswind, especially with some force, the lighter boats blow like a styrofoam cup, and require a double stroke, one for propulsion, and one for correction, twice as much work, all day long.  The 18 stays on track, where you aim it. Another unexpected by-product of the stealthy hull design of the 18HPX is clearly visible while engaging in any kind of bait or artificial fishing, adrift, and certainly when anchored down.  Even in choppy and busy water, the bow is cutting like a quiet knife, the same bow that slices down the waves while running.  All fish are noticeably more comfortable around this serene presence, and that means more bites.  Storage? Onboard is all safety equipment, 3 giant life vests, throw cushion, anchor, chain and rope, 3 cast nets, 10 rods, spotlights, enough tackle to open a bait shop, and a 65-quart Yeti.  And a baitwell that is usually carrying 6-8 dozen shrimp, 20 crabs, and a dozen pinfish.  Now, even after that, there is PLENTY of room in the compartments for the (always oversized) gear bags that anglers tote aboard. The Mirage 18 HPX really can do it all.”

Capt. Mark Krowka, Islamorada, FL

“I’m on my sixth Maverick now and there’s no other brand out there that I would feel better about my clients in day after day, no matter the conditions or the weather. The boats are simply bulletproof and do exactly what they are supposed to do. You can’t put a price tag on that level of confidence on the water, whether you’re a guide or a serious angler.”

Capt. Willy Le, Coco Beach, FL

“Over the years I’ve fished about every skiff out there, and the 18HPX is the most versatile skiff I can find. Every time I run this boat I’m impressed by the smooth, dry ride with speed and range like no other boat in its class. That and the ability to pole in 8” of water with virtually no hull slap makes the 18HPX the perfect skiff for my purposes. It’s obvious this skiff was designed by people who fish.”

Capt. Peter Brown, Charleston, SC